Smart Virtual Assistants

Create metaverse-ready digital assistants powered by state-of-the-art conversational AI to handle player inquiries and host guided virtual experiences.

Metaverse-Ready Chatbots

Leverage MeetKai's conversational AI to resolve player inquiries and automate customer service in the metaverse.

  • Use digital assistants for both speech & text input

  • Prebuilt assistant user flows i.e Taking Notes, Setting reminders

  • Autoscaling infrastructure to handle growing amounts of queries

Customizable Conversation Flows

Use our simple-to-use conversation maker to have 100% control over user interactions with virtual assistants.

Interoperable Access to Virtual Assistants

MeetKai's Virtual Assistants can act as a data collector for users across the Metaverse and physical devices

Manage user information that is collected through conversation

Build skills that are compatible across devices

Integrate across your app, web and metaverse retaining relevant user information