Intelligent NPCs

Populate the metaverse with Intelligent NPCs that can engage in open-ended conversations and carry meaningful exchanges with players in real-time.

Enhance Gameplay with
Life-Like Conversations

NPCs that can engage in realistic conversations with players adding a new level of immersion.

Personalized encounters
 with users

Personalized encounters with users

Unscripted and
 unique dialogue

Unscripted and unique dialogue

Not constrained by
 pre-authored storylines

Not constrained by pre-authored storylines

Save Development Time and Resources

Unlock endless NPC dialogues by writing character descriptions that our AI uses to generate responses.

Prebuilt or Customized Characters

Deploy pre-trained virtual impersonations - such as Obama or Gordon Ramsay - or design your own NPCs from scratch.

Use dozens of out of the box famous personas

Integrate with your already existing in game characters

Characters can be fictional or real-life personalities